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May 3, 2004 by brokedownprincess
i'm so sad and lonely today. ive been thinking that maybe id like to date someone. i kinda want someone just to hang out with. nothing serious by any means, i know im not ready for that. but someone who cared would be nice....

i'm trying to write my friends history paper and its so hard. i know its wrong but i need the extra cash. the thing is-i usually write english papers-not history! thus im struggling! so im going to go...and try to get this done. and maybe try to smile some too.
May 1, 2004 by brokedownprincess
The Dante's Inferno Test has banished you to the Seventh Level of Hell!
Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
LevelScorePurgatory (Repenting Believers)Very LowLevel 1 - Limbo (Virtuous Non-Believers)Very LowLevel 2 (Lustful)ExtremeLevel 3 (Gluttonous)HighLevel 4 (Prodigal and Avaricious)Very HighLevel 5 (Wrathful and Gloomy)ExtremeLevel 6 - The City of Dis (Heretics)Very HighLevel 7 (Violent)ExtremeLevel 8- the Malebolge (Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers)ExtremeLevel 9 - Cocytus (...
May 1, 2004 by brokedownprincess
ladies and gents today is Beltaine, my favorite pagan holiday. it represents the return of summer -the so called marriage of the Goddess and the sun god. so how would you celebrate? light candles, bonfires, and fuck whomever you please!!! so yes, i fucked this waitor, eric, and it wasnt bad. better than i expected at least. lol.

heres one thing you all must understand before you start with the rapid fire-slut attacks: i live my life the way i want to. my world. my rules.

**pimptress prid...
April 30, 2004 by brokedownprincess
so i got the job at the ice cream place. and i am dying! these 12 hr days are hell! 6 days a week dude! its just not kosher!

i was in a friggin car chase the other night-a truck full of rednecks tried to follow me to my apartment. they didnt know who they were fucking with though...lol.

so yeah, i talked to a friend last night from high school for like 4 hours, one i kinda had a crush on but never thought it was reciprocated. turns out it was but now he lives in toronto. life deals you som...
April 23, 2004 by brokedownprincess
damn. im tired, pissy, hungry: and none of my friends are available. they are all either wasted or working. so instead of going to eat i might just go to darby's and get a little buzz. might put me in a better mood. i cant get too messed up cuz i have to be at work at 11 AM tomorrow....ugh. it was so awful there tonight. i dont want to go back tomorrow! but alas-i must. and after that i have to go to carvel and talk to that guy and see if they will be flexible enough to give me that job. ::sigh:...
April 21, 2004 by brokedownprincess
lol. i know. weird title. cheeky brown is a tanning lotion. and its sitting in front of me right now. and i just got home from work and tanning, and i showered and put on some cooling after tan lotion and -DAMN! i am getting pretty dark. plus im all smooth and soft....

so yeah the job is going...good. its harder than i thought only b/c it gets sooo busy. but its all good. im getting the flow of things. although i FINALLY got that call from carvel! im so upset. im thinking about totally givin...
April 17, 2004 by brokedownprincess
Cows in Politics

A SOCIALIST: You have two cows. The government takes one and gives it to your neighbor.

A REPUBLICAN: You have two cows. Your neighbor has none. So what?

A DEMOCRAT: You have two cows. Your neighbor has none. You feel guilty for being successful. You vote people into office who tax your cows, forcing you to sell one to raise money to pay the tax. The people you voted for then take the tax money and buy a cow and give it to your neighbor. You feel righteous.

April 11, 2004 by brokedownprincess
ok so ive spend the last three days at myrtle beach. it was gorgeous, i basically babysat my cousins but hey-it was good to be with family. and it was so warm....i got a little color! yay! speaking of tanning, i got a new job before i left on friday! i am now a tanning consultant at Viva La Tan!!! lol. hey-it sounds cool.
uh well im tired and have to work both jobs tomorrow and im kind of upset over a comment someone made::cough::marvin::cough:: so im gonna go. love you all.
April 7, 2004 by brokedownprincess
hey hey-noteowrthy moment, the pimptress is ranked number 69 on JoeU!!!!!!!!!!!! woo woo!!!!!!!!!

ok well im about to go over to a friends house-but ill update lata....
April 6, 2004 by brokedownprincess
ok so yeah-NATHAN is the one telling my mom that im a party animal, that im drinking and smoking-he says hes CONCERNED. i say fuck that. hes fucking jealous-if i had invited him along he wouldnt have cared. hes a vindictive child and im sick of it. i called him and said "WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" i told him to stay out of my business, to drop my stuff off, and after that nothing. game over. fuck you. click. to make matters worse, my mom is upset cuz shes helping me with money and think...
April 4, 2004 by brokedownprincess
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April 1, 2004 by brokedownprincess
well im being lazy today. which is kinda nice. been partying a little hard lately and im spending today doing some laundry. my boob is healing rather nicely, but itches like hell. but oh well. its pretty. damn i need to get laid soon...gah.
i think i want ice cream and a cigarette right now...then laundry-blah.
i bid you all adieu-
March 27, 2004 by brokedownprincess
uh...ok so i think i have the flu but i drank anyway last night-BAD idea. just in case anyone was planning on doing that. uggg.

but i do have some good news-i got my new tattoo! yup, a heart with angel wings on my chest, over my heart. thats right. my boobie got inked today! wOOt wOOt!!!

oh and my former best -riend-exboyfriend-first-love? he and i hung out thurs and fri! it was great. its so good to be friends with him again...at'a boy, buttface!

i went to go show reggie my new ta...
March 26, 2004 by brokedownprincess
"You'll learn that even that one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will. You'll have your heart broken and you'll break other hearts You'll fight with your best friend, you'll cry because time is passing so fast and you'll eventually lose somebody you love. So today-take too many pictures, laugh too much, forgive too freely, and love like you've never been hurt because every second you spend angry or upset is a second of happiness you can never get back." ~kat

March 24, 2004 by brokedownprincess
someone needs to get laid and i vote for ME!!!!! sorry to be so crude, but damn. i need it. and i dont want a relationship...which is bad i know. i just need a booty call. plain and simple. but if its ok for guys to do it then girls can too. im a firm believer in that.